Details Flood Relief Project 2011

Incoming Donations (Wat Prayong & MC Brigitte): 4,327,092.00 Bht

From Project MC Brigitte & Austrian Embassy Bangkok 1,100,493.88 Bht

How we used these Donations

1.10.– 19.11.2011 50 Days Food Distribution in Ayuddhaya 1,000,000.00 Bht

(about 20,00 Bht/ Portion x 1,000 Portions/Day)

5,000 Emergency Packages 2,835,000.00 Bht

(567 Bht/Package)

Direct financial Help for Victims (Restoration of houses and living quarters) 492,092.00 Bht

Together „Relief Project Wat Prayong – MC Brigitte & Austrian Embassy“ 4,327,092.00 Bht

Whenever we enter Thailand we are received with a smile. Now we could return some of these smiles to the Thai people.

Thanks again in the name of all victims to everyone who has supported this project!