New Years Retreat 1st to 9th January 2018

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New Years Night: We celebrate new years night 31st of december 2017 with chantings and we let paper lanterns float with wishes for a good new year.

New years chanting starts approximately 22.00h on december 31st, 2017 and lasts until 01.00h of january 1st, 2018.

If you want to join our new years night event, you are welcome to do so.

New Years Retreat:

The retreat starts on january 1st, 2018 at 16.00h.

What to bring: You will need white comfortable clothes. If you don’t have these, you can buy them at the temple store.

Please be prepared that it will be cool in the mornings and evenings and you will need a jacket, or sweater and socks (these do not have to be white).

We have blankets, mats and pillows for the participants. If you have your own sleeping bag and it is not too difficult to bring it, that might be more convenient.

New years retreat is the biggest retreat at Wat Prayong Gittivanaram. We do not have enough huts to accommodate all of you. We have prepared tents for some of the students.

I am sure we will have a great and fruitful time.

Daily Schedule in the Retreat

1st of January:

Arrival before 15.00 h

administration receive a chantingbook and you will be shown your sleeping place

16.00h instruction on how to use chanting books, prostrating …

16.30h the abbot gives the 8 precepts.

17.00h - 18.00h evening chanting with the monks

18.30h - 19.45h introduction to temple rules, schedules, duties and to meditation with questions and answers

20.00h – 21.00h deva chanting with the monks

2nd to 8th of January:

04.30h - 05.30h morning chanting with the monks

06.00h - 07.30h mindful working meditation (there is a duty list at the office)

07.30h breakfast

09.00h - 09.50h walking meditation

10.00h - 10.50h meditation (sitting, standing, lying)

10.55h offering lunch to the monks, blessing and after that you can enjoy our nice buffet with vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

14.00h - 14.50h walking meditation

15.00h - 16.00h meditation (sitting, standing, lying)

16.00h - 17.00h time for shower, laundry ...

17.00h - 18.00h evening chanting with the monks & short meditation

18.30h - 19.45h dhamma talk & meditation and possibility for questions and answers

donations to the teachers can be given on the last evening of the retreat, envelops for temple and teachers can be found at the office

20.00h – 21.00h deva chanting with the monks

9th of January:

04.30h - 05.30h morning chanting with the monks

06.00h - 07.30h cleaning meditation

07.30h breakfast - after breakfast, you have time to pack up your belongings

09.00h - 10:30h the abbot gives the 5 precepts and receives donations for the temple. Questions to the abbot can be asked.

11.00h lunch

end of retreat

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