Accommodation: Women and men in separate rooms, huts (kutis) or the hall.

Others: Please bring white loose fitting clothes (no inappropriate clothes like shorts or sleeveless shirts).  Bring some washing powder, because you have to wash clothes by yourself. Also Wat Prayong doesn't provide white clothes for the students anymore, so you will have to bring your own. They can be bought at the temple shop. One set (trouser and shirt temple style) is about 300 baht. An alarm clock and Mosquito repellent can be useful while doing a retreat.

Food: 7:30h a.m. Breakfast. 11:00h a.m. Midday meal with some vegetarian, but primarily non-vegetarian Thai and European dishes, desserts and fruits served buffet-style.

Costs / Donations: Retreats are free of charge. Donations are welcome. Because we are always asked about how much one should donate to cover the costs at the temple, we recommend 300 thai baht per day. (about 7 euros) then water, electricity, maintainance of the place and food, which has to be bought extra for the retreats, (monks have almsfood but that is not enough to feed a whole retreat), is covered. Teachers do not have any income except the donations they receive from the students. If you want to give to your teachers too, please give it to them directly. Envelops can be found at the meditation hall.

There are 3 envelops:

1 for temples running costs (water electricity and maintainance of the place.)

2 for retreat costs (for retreats the food has to be bought at a restaurant, also the afternoon drinks, coffee, tea, toiletpaper, cleaning stuff...)

3 for teachers (these will be shared to the teachers in an appropriate way.)

If you want to support MC Brigittes' Social Projects or the printing of Dhamma books in English, German and Thai language, these are not paid by the temple funds and can be given separately to MC Brigitte.