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All the following projects need support. I know that I cannot do much for the people here but it is still better to do what I can. Donations to those temples or any of my projects are always welcome!!!

If you want to donate to AIDS temple you can do it directly to their account (see their home-page) or send it to my account and write “AIDS temple”.

MC Brigitte Social Projects Account details:

Please let me know what project you want to support with your donation. Thanks in the name of all those who’s suffering will be reduced through your generosity!!!

Thailand Flood Relief Project 2011

Starting in September 2011 until January 2012 Thailand suffered from terrible flooding. MC Brigitte Social Projects has organized a Flood Relief Project in connection with the Austrian Ambassador and his wife. With generous donations from all over the world, we where able to help flood victims in many ways.

Thanks to all generous supporters.

What we did with the incoming donations for that project: Flood 2011 Statement

Monthly support for 160 Nuns

Since 2005 MC Brigittes Social Projects support at least 108 nuns with a monthly donation.

Nuns (Mae Chees) are not so good supported in Thailand. The people think that supporting the monks will bring them more positive karmic results, because monks have to keep 227 rules, whereas nuns only keep 8 precepts. Nuns mostly need to support themselves and without any income this is not an easy task. Especially for those who do not have relatives to support them. I am a Mae Chee since 4th January 1990, and so I know about this problem very well. In 2005 – after completing my teaching tour through Europe - having some donations left, I decided to share to my “sisters” in Thailand.

With your help, I will be able to continue this project for a long time!!! 

Sharing necessary Items to Less Fortunate Ones of the Region

Since 2005 I was able to share at least once a year food and other necessary items (10kg of best Thai Jasmine Rice, 5 kg Sugar, 1l good Vegetable Oil, I Bottle of Fish sauce, Medicines, Milk Powder and other items like clothing, shoes etc.) to 108 of the poorest families of the area. I could also give support to some school kids from poor families. They were supported with payment of their school fees, books and school uniforms.

This Project has been extended because the Flood in 2011 left many communities in a devastated state. Many people could not yet recover and live in poorest conditions. So MC Brigitte made it a main part of MC Brigitte Social Projects to give help to them. This includes rebuilding homes and buying necessary furniture which was lost in the floods. Also supporting handicapped people from the area around the temple with items that are unaffordable by their poor relatives (wheelchairs, diapers etc...) 

Running supports for the “AIDS Temple” Wat Phra Bat Nam Phu Lopburi

Since years we do our best to support the AIDS Temple. This place is doing such good work for full blown AIDS patients. The temple needs about 5 million+ Thai Baht a month to survive. Almost all of this money is coming from donations.

I also want to mention the generosity of Joerg Dittmar, who made a video about the “HIV Band” of that temple. He offered the Video to the temple to help them getting more support.

Link to Video:

 Child Protection Project of the Austrian Embassy

This project was initiated by the Ambassador of Austria Dr. Johannes Peterlik and his wife Dr. Ria-Ursula Peterlik in 2010. Its aim is to support the “Child Protection and Development Center Pattaya” with various Charity Events and also in connection with MC Brigitte Social Projects.

The “Child Protection and Development Center Pattaya” takes care of sexually abused children and street children. The Center aims to provide for these children protection, education and prospects for the future.


Important! Write on the wire transfer form - reference:


Building 4 Houses, and a Community House with Kindergarten for Tsunami Victims

Through the generous help of the German Buddhist Union and many of my students we could build 4 family houses for Tsunami victims on Lhanta Island.

In connection with the Austrian Embassy in Bangkok MC Brigitte Social Projects could also help building a community house with kindergarden in Phuket.

These projects are completed.